50 content ideas for finance brokers that will build your reputation



by Sarah Barnett

We do business with those we know, like and trust, and content marketing – done well – is an incredibly effective way to make this happen, at scale.

First, what is content marketing? Simply, it’s any piece of information you share (a blog article, social media post, YouTube video, newsletter) that stimulates interest in your services. You could be adding value by sharing educational content, inspiration, or entertainment. What you won’t be doing is putting the hard sell on.

Think of content marketing as the tasteful, dependable cousin of the brash and impatient Facebook ad.

So, what does it take for people to trust you to handle one of the biggest financial decisions they’ll ever make?

Part of it is making sure you frequently show up with a clear and consistent message. Content marketing helps build trust in these ways:

  • It allows you to give value without asking for something in return
  • It provides countless opportunities to showcase your expertise and experience
  • It gives you a chance to connect with your audience, human to human

A quick note on compliance

When you talk about home loan concepts in your content marketing, make sure you don’t inadvertently recommend one option over another. There’s also no need to talk about specific products or solutions. Instead, let your audience know they can contact you to find out how the various scenarios would play out in their unique situation.

50 ideas for that next video, social media post or blog article

  1. The impact of a low cash rate
  2. What the best interest duty means for your clients
  3. How brokers get paid
  4. The rise of the FIRE movement
  5. Using a buyer’s advocate
  6. Sold sticker photo of happy clients
  7. A reminder to budget for conveyancing fees
  8. The difference between offset and redraw
  9. Top three claims the ATO are looking out for
  10. Pros and cons of using a guarantor
  11. Why the loan structure is so important
  12. How to avoid lifestyle inflation
  13. Client success story
  14. Caution on cashbacks
  15. Ways to support small business
  16. First Home Buyer grants available
  17. How long it takes to get approved
  18. Benefits of pre-approval
  19. Introduce your team members
  20. Not all pre-approvals are created equal
  21. Tips to maintain a healthy credit score
  22. Good debt vs bad debt
  23. Share a Google review
  24. Promote a referral partner
  25. Define Lenders Mortgage Insurance
  26. Explain LMI waivers
  27. Impact of extra repayments
  28. Ways to boost savings
  29. Define equity and ways to use it
  30. What the banks think of spending habits
  31. Shout out to your favourite local cafe
  32. Inspirational quote that showcases your ethos
  33. Celebrate your business anniversary
  34. Questions to ask before refinancing
  35. Asking for a better deal from your lender
  36. When to start the home loan process
  37. Property of the week in your area
  38. Ethical lending
  39. Why it’s not all about the interest rate
  40. Reminder to cancel unused subscriptions
  41. Freeing up equity to renovate
  42. Clearing credit defaults for home loan approval
  43. How the banks calculate borrowing capacity
  44. Reasons the bank might say ‘no’
  45. Borrowing tips for self-employed
  46. Australian housing market update
  47. Benefits of a home loan health check
  48. How many hours you save your clients
  49. Define Capital Gains Tax
  50. Discuss rentvesting

Regularly posting content is a great way to stay top-of-mind with your clients, prospects and referral partners – so that you become the first person they think of when it comes time to engage a trusted finance professional.

And remember, the best – most convincing – content will sound like you, on your best day!

Sarah Barnett (pictured) is the head of content and co-founder of Social Broker – an award-winning CX agency that helps finance and legal professionals connect with their ideal clients online. Social Broker’s monthly social media and website subscriptions allow busy small business owners to stand out in a crowded market.

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