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    After becoming a mortgage broker, Peter Gwynne stepped back from the triathlon competitions he was taking part in and concentrated on cycling instead. Having won gold at the Cycling Australia Masters Road National Champion ships in 2019 – and not for the first time – he is now preparing to represent the country at the world championships in Canada.

    To keep up his incredible achievements, he rides between 300km and 650km each week, depending on what he is training for.

    Gwynne says he has raced and competed at a high level for a number of years and sees the national championships as the “pinnacle” event, which he tries to race every year. He spends about six months preparing for the race and competes in other races leading up to the championships.

    But he doesn’t want to stop there: he aims to compete in the 6 Hour World Time Trial Championship in California at some point in the future.

    For Gwynne, cycling is a passion that is as much about his head as it is about the fitness.

    “I find it a great stress relief, and when I am fit and motivated on the bike this transfers across to business,” he says.

    “If I look at my business, so much is tied to the cycling community, from clients to referral sources. It is a tight-knit community. I feel my ethos and work ethic in sport give people confi dence in my ability in the fi nance world.”

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