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    Christmas is still several weeks away, but Outsource Financial is already in the spirit of giving.

    The independently owned mortgage aggregator is participating in a Christmas collection initiative called #ITSINTHEBAG through charity organisation Share the Dignity. An Australian women’s charity, Share the Dignity works to directly benefit women experiencing crisis, such as homelessness and domestic violence, and ensures they’re given the dignity so many people take for granted.

    “We were shocked to learn that this Christmas period there is expected to be 85,000 homeless women, and that the fastest growing demographic of people experiencing homelessness is single women over the age of 55,” said Outsource Financial executive assistant Madeleine Dart, who is coordinating the drive.

    “This, in addition to the media stating that domestic violence is now becoming a ‘national emergency’, really ignited a need to assist this very important cause.”

    Dart added that considering the aggregator was founded and is run by two strong women who are both passionate about social justice makes #ITSINTHEBAG “a perfect fit for Outsource Financial”.

    In a statement, Outsource Financial CEO Tanya Sale said the firm aims to donate a minimum of 500 bags to the cause, but is hoping to exceed that with the help of its members, business partners and professional network.

    The aggregator hopes that Share the Dignity will serve as a catalyst to “encourage and inspire others to ‘give back’ as well”.

    What’s in the bag?
    Each bag costs $75 and contains every day necessities, including: duffle bag, shampoo, conditioner, dry shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, body wash, deodorant, various sanitary items, tissues, hand sanitiser, hair brush, hair ties, mints, umbrella, neck pillow, sunglasses, necklace, personalised card.

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