Anthony Roddy: the year that was 2020

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  • Anthony Roddy: the year that was 2020

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    According to Anthony Roddy, 2020 was “one of the strangest years that most of us will ever see.” Despite this, the senior credit advisor at Shore Financial went on to write more than $84 million worth of residential loans – a feat that saw him rank 67 in last year’s Top 100. He told MPA all about the year that was 2020 and why customer relationships remained key.

    From party time to pandemic

    While last year went down as a moment in history that no-one will soon forget, from a finance perspective it was business as usual, Roddy said.

    “The financial year started off well with the change in the assessment rate, followed by a couple of rate cuts,” he said. “It was party time, who could have possibly predicted that a pandemic would have been around the corner?

    “Fortunately, Australia seems to have landed on its feet once again, the banks have continued to make commonsense decisions, and the Government clearly understands how important the flow of credit is during a recession. 2020 has continually reminded me how glad I am to be an Australian.”

    The Shore Financial snowball effect

    As one of Australia’s top brokerages, Shore Financial benefited from a snowball effect last year – something Roddy attributes to the firm’s longstanding commitment to helping its customers by making recommendations that fit their goals and objectives.

    “Every day we critique our process and over time you start to realise the compound effect of those decisions and actions,” he said. “I would say that above all we strive to make recommendations that truly suit the requirements of our clients, and the passion to do that keeps us going every day.”

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    While customer relationships have always been important to Roddy and the Shore Financial team, the pandemic taught him some new and valuable lessons. One of these was the ability to adapt to different personalities while stress and emotions were running high.

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    To new brokers, he said perseverance and commitment were essential for securing success.

    “I think it’s critical to try and get the best possible outcome for every client based on their requirements,” he said. “Do it repeatedly.”

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