BDM does part in saving the planet with swimwear line

  • Why this successful broker focuses on property investors and referral partners

    He has settled more than $500m-worth of loans over the past ten years

  • Why this successful broker focuses on property investors and referral partners

    He has settled more than $500m-worth of loans over the past ten years


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    On a sunny summer day in 2016, La Trobe Financial senior manager client partnership Dawn Inanli was relaxing at a rustic dinner table after completing work on a Mardi Gras float with a friend. The two of them began discussing the idea of creating an environmentally friendly swimwear label.

    They smiled and agreed to make it happen.

    Nine months later, their idea became a reality and Watermark Swimwear was born. Inanli and her friend-turned-business partner Lara Wheatley both design their garments and enlist the help of a clothing manufacturer based in NSW.

    “Watermark Swimwear declares devotion and love for the ocean and environment, that’s why our swimwear is made from eco-friendly and recycled fibres sourced from discarded fishing nets – to deal with the marine pollution problem – and uses fewer virgin materials at the same time,” Inanli told MPA.

    A declaration of devotion
    Following the mantra “Australian designed and Australian made,” Inanli and Wheatley have become more conscious that 85% of post-consumer textile materials find their way into landfills and only 15% of them gets recycled on an annual basis. The huge percentage equates to billions of kilos of unwanted clothing, or roughly 20 pieces of clothing per person.

    According to Inanli, when people think of pollution, they envision coal power plants, strip-mined mountains and raw sewage pipes zigzagging through waterways. They don’t often think of the shirts on their backs, and the apparel industry’s grim impact on the planet.

    “Our mission is to create collections that focus on reducing the carbon footprint and ending exploitation in the workplace by designing and manufacturing in Australia. If you have a penchant for soaking up sun rays at the beach or by the pool but don’t want to f*** up our environment, our Australian ethically made and sustainable swimwear brand is for you,” Inanli said.

    Spreads positivity
    Available mainly online, and soon in several hand-picked boutiques, Watermark Swimwear and its customers spread the power of positivity, self-love and confidence.

    “Whether in Bondi or Mauritius, our clients love to have fun and share their fun via their social media portals. Whether it’s a pool party or a day at the beach, they’re ready!” Inanli said.

    On 16 and 17 September, Watermark Swimwear will participate at the Sydney Retail Festival where it will introduce two new colour collections. The clothing line’s next fashion party will happen in November.

    “We are planning to expand our horizons and have an overseas outlet stocking our brand very soon, flying the “100% Australian-made” flag,” Inanli said.

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