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    Name: Carla Segaram

    Years in the Industry: 30+

    Company: Resimac

    What did you do before becoming a BDM? What's your reason for the career change?

    I started my career in the finance industry after leaving school and have worked as a BDM for the past 20 years. I love the relationships you build with your business partners, and helping their businesses grow.

    What are the biggest challenges you’re confronting right now in the industry? How are you dealing with them?

    Regulations, and continual change in policy are some of the biggest challenges at the moment. The best way to handle change is through continuous education for both myself and my business partners. Setting the expectation of what we require, and training and more training!

    What for you makes a great broker?

    A broker that understands their client’s needs as a whole and not just the loan / purpose they are after today. It’s about them building in-depth relationships with their clients and helping them build and achieve. What kind of qualities should he or she possess? Empathy, understanding and patience. In the current market it can be quite overwhelming for some.

    What tips would you give to brokers submitting a loan?

    Everything in at once. Follow the Checklist from the lender and you can’t go wrong How can they come up with an appealing application? It’s all about the story and letting the lender / credit know everything up front. If we have the story up front it’s easier all round.

    How do you foster or strengthen your relationship with brokers?

    Under promise and over deliver as much as possible. Of course there are times things are outside of your control. Always be honest with your business partners.

    How do you drive productivity?

    A continual refresher training on our key points to make sure brokers are aware of the diverse product suite we offer

    How do you deal with difficult scenarios? What do you tell brokers?

    One step at a time and look for alternatives to assist the brokers. [I tell them,] anything outside the norm, run it past me first so I can workshop the deal and see if we can help. If we can’t, and I know of an alternative I’ll let the broker know.

    How do you develop your skills and become the best BDM you could be?

    We’re in a constantly changing world. No two days are the same. So it’s all about training and having up to date knowledge.

    What do you get up to in your spare time?

    Catching up with friends and family, eating out – I’m a food nut. As well as crabbing and fishing.

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