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    BDM in the spotlight asks a different BDM the same questions – giving you regular insights into the lives of some of the top BDMs in the country.

    Name: Chris Franze
    Years in the industry: 6 years in the broker channel, and circa 14 years in banking and finance
    Company: Heritage Bank
    Location: NSW/ACT

    1. What did you do before entering the industry?

    I have been in finance for the majority of my career. However, for a brief time prior, managed a retail store and was a concreter for my dad’s business. So if anyone needs a driveway done, let me know!

    1. How often do you see mortgage brokers in a week?

    I believe in quality over quantity. You can get more from 12 engaged and productive meetings per week, than rushing to have 17 meetings that are non-productive. Brokers know if you are there just to tick a box, or if you are genuinely interested in building a relationship and want to learn about their business, their clients.

    1. What do mortgage brokers want most from you?

    Availability and honesty. Brokers need you to be there for them when they need help; that may be early Monday morning or Friday afternoon. Consistency is key,

    1. What is your favourite part of the job?

    Without a doubt working with the brokers end-to-end throughout the timeline of the application. From the initial scenario, to workshopping the deal, liaising with credit teams and assisting in settlement, and then celebrating the win. The BDM role has evolved over the years to truly offer premium service in all aspects of the application process.

    1. What distinguishes the best brokers you deal with?

    Communication and effort. Cliché I know, however “you only get out what you put in”. The best brokers I know put in huge amounts of effort to get the job done right the first time. They also place emphasis on building strong relationships with their BDM partners in order to have consistent reliability.

    1. What’s your ideal weekend?

    Packing up the van and taking off for a weekend around a camp fire with my family and mates, or rolling down the swag on the beach for a night or two. Throw in a cold beer and I am sold.

    1. What’s the strangest lending scenario you’ve ever encountered?

    You name it, I have seen it. To this day, I still get asked if we can do an owner-builder, low doc at 110% LVR plus extra funds for incidentals…

    1. What's your top time-saving tip and how much time does it save you?

    Preparation. I take 10 minutes every morning to prioritise my day. This allows me to focus on what needs to get done. It means I am not wasting time jumping around from task to task and losing momentum.

    1. What’s your favourite meal?

    I could go all gourmet here, but give me a schnitzel parma at the local and I am yours.

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