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    BDM in the spotlight asks a different BDM the same questions – giving you regular insights into the lives of some of the top BDMs in the country.

    Name: Phil Roche
    Years in the industry: 27
    Company: Beyond Bank
    Location: NSW & ACT

    What did you do before entering the industry?
    I have basically been in and around the industry for most of my career since leaving university. I did take a break from finance during the GFC and ran my own business in the retail/hospitality sector.

    How often do you see mortgage brokers in a week?
    There has been an interesting shift in this dynamic during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Prior to March I religiously had a minimum of eight face to face appointments per week. The pandemic has seen a shift to more electronic means of communication, which I believe brings benefits back to my brokers i.e. Increased availability with access to tools of trade. Now it is normal to have 40-60 conversations per day. This was not possible pre pandemic.

    What do mortgage brokers want most from you?
    I believe they primarily want you to provide expertise that they can then share with their clients. Other important factors are availability and influence.

    What is your favourite part of the job?
    I am results driven, I like to deal with complicated scenarios and provide solutions.

    What distinguishes the best brokers you deal with?
    The best brokers know their clients and the community in which they operate. They know the sports their clients like, the schools their children go to and most importantly their future financial goals. As a consequence, they become an integral part of the client’s life cycle: “I am starting a family, I had better ring my broker.”

    What’s your ideal weekend?
    Kids soccer, so wintertime, preferably two wins, but just watching the strong desire and sheer happiness is enough.

    What’s the strangest lending scenario you’ve ever encountered?
    I have many, but I think having to lend extra to cover the nitrogen contamination from fish waste on a former fish farm probably takes the prize.

    What’s your top time-saving tip and how much time does it save you?
    Siri makes life on the road so much easier. Makes my phone calls, sends my text messages – a very efficient assistant.

    What’s your favourite meal?
    Pork belly vindaloo, the hotter the better.

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