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    Name: Tanya Brimblecombe
    Years in the industry: 10 years
    Company: Adelaide Bank
    Location: Melbourne

    What did you do before entering the industry?
    Before entering the finance industry, I was working in hospitality as a gaming attendant and restaurant manager, while studying at uni.

    How often do you see mortgage brokers in a week?
    Prior to COVID, I’d be seeing brokers four days a week, with up to four meetings a day. Now during COVID times, it’s all via video here in Melbourne lockdown.

    What do mortgage brokers want most from you?
    I find brokers mainly want quick, helpful and honest answers to their scenarios or anything else they need help with. They want someone who will answer the phone or respond to their emails promptly. I can’t rest and finish the day off until everyone is answered and my inbox is cleared.

    What is your favourite part of the job?
    I love how no two days are same and I love being out on the road. It is something I do miss at the moment. But I also simply love being a part of the process of helping my brokers to help their clients achieve their dreams of home ownership and secure good outcomes for their clients. It’s always satisfying too when a tricky deal finally gets across the line, that is always a good thrill. The most exciting part, I find, is meeting new brokers and watching as their business grows over the years.

    What distinguishes the best brokers you deal with?
    I find brokers that really take the time to educate their clients on the best solutions for them and educate them on their financial literacy as well. I think gone are the days where brokers are simply transactional, complete the home loan and that’s it. I also think the best brokers are the ones that really embrace the product offerings of the second-tier lenders to make sure their clients always have a great solution that fits their needs.

    What’s your ideal weekend?
    Anything outdoors really. I love being outdoors, you’ll either find me at the beach or on a hike. I also like catching up with friends at an outdoor bar when the weather is nice in Melbourne. It is something I can’t wait to do again when I can go outside my 5km radius post COVID.

    What’s the strangest lending scenario you’ve ever encountered?
    I wouldn’t say I’ve had many strange scenarios during my time, but I would say I’ve seen many clients with strange job titles.

    What's your top time-saving tip and how much time does it save you?
    I have a lot of saved email responses for common scenarios or questions that may come up from time to time. That way it saves me typing the same answer multiple times across the day. I couldn’t say how much time it saves me, but anything to help me get a quick response to my brokers and get through my emails faster is great.

    What’s your favourite meal?
    It’s too hard for me to choose. But, I do love anything Japanese or Italian, they are my favourite cuisines, that’s for sure.

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