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    Two years ago, Sutherland Shire was rocked when a resident named Tina Kontozis was killed by her partner while at home with her son.

    The murder shocked Birdie Wealth Director Nathan Smith, who knew Kontozis personally and considered her a member of his extended family. Smith fondly remembers Kontozis as a jolly selfless mother who genuinely cared for other people.

    The pointless murder motivated Smith to make a real difference in the fight against violence. Consequently, in May 2017, Birdie partnered with Enough is Enough, an anti-violence movement that was formed in 1994 by Ken Maslew, whose son was also a victim of a violent crime. The movement aims to support victims through situation-appropriate programs and seminars.

    Enough is Enough receives limited government funding, and instead relies heavily on donations from local businesses. In the place of typical gifts, Smith’s team gives a portion of their settlement funds to the program as a donation, managing to raise $20,000 in the last 18 months. Birdie Wealth also volunteers at events Enough is Enough supports, such as the White Ribbon Day Walk and World Road Trauma Day.

    “Enough is Enough is unique because it works with both offenders and victims of violent crimes,” Smith told MPA. “Their programs are run throughout local schools teaching children how to deal with stress and anger management.”

    Smith also said that although the locally-based charity doesn’t receive the same level of coverage as other national charities, Enough is Enough directly impacts the lives of residents in their local community.

    By working with the charity, Smith realised just how small their issues really are compared to the experiences of families whose lives have been destroyed by senseless violence.

    Enough is Enough gives us a purpose beyond just profit. It pushes us to write more business, because that means we can pass more onto the charity. Working with the charity certainly makes you grateful for the family you have,” Smith said.

    As for his clients, they are more than happy to sacrifice their bottle of wine and bouquet of flowers for a gift that will make a real impact.

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