Broker shares formula to investing success in book series

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  • The five credit repair secrets every broker needs to know

    If you want to help financially challenged clients, it’s important you understand credit repair


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    When KnowHow Property Finance founder Bushy Martin looks at his accumulated international investment portfolio of 12 properties, which affords his family an enviable lifestyle of living and working in a beautiful farm with four Samoyed rescue dogs and travelling the world a few months each year, he feels both satisfaction and sympathy.

    "In my work as a mortgage broker I could see that many hard-working Aussies wanted to accomplish the same but don’t know how, don’t have the time and don’t know who to trust,” Martin told MPA.

    “I became frustrated and fearful for the future of many time-poor professionals who fool themselves into thinking that they can continue their lifestyle for the long term if they just work hard, pay off their home loan and put their hard-earned money into super.”

    Martin’s concern also goes to the more than 73% of retirees who survive on an average of just a little over $15,000 a year.

    Know how and why
    In early 2016, in his determination to wake hard-working Australians up to the absolute need to invest if they hope to retire comfortably, Martin began writing two books that capture his 35 years of personal and professional investing experience — “The Freedom Formula” was published in mid-2017 and its prequel “Get Invested” in April 2019, along with the birth of its podcast.

    While “The Freedom Formula”, which is based on Martin’s personal experience, provides a step-by-step guide on how to successfully invest, “Get Invested” covers the big whys — why the need to invest, why invest in a property and why property will continue to be the best thing to invest in.

    The books also allow Martin to spread his business’s unique message to a bigger audience and bring in new clients throughout Australia and overseas. Martin and his team use the frameworks he presented in the books to communicate better and to solve client problems in unique and engaging ways. The frameworks have reshaped his business, he said.

    Elevated awareness
    According to Martin, with his books having grabbed media attention – including an appearance on Sixty Minutes – and getting him invitations to numerous keynote speaking engagements which earned him several industry awards, his level of awareness, credibility, authority and respect from customers, industry peers and the Australian community in general has “significantly elevated”.

    “Writing the books has been the best and most cathartic thing that I have ever done,” Martin said. “The months of blood, sweat and tears researching and reflecting on the books have taught me what’s really important in our lives, and how to communicate critical messages in a clear and engaging way.”

    Martin is currently working on the final book in the trilogy called “Get Inspired”. It’s a summary of all the property and investment gold he has gathered from the successful investors he interviewed on his Get Invested podcast.

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