Broker takes personalised reward to new level

  • The latest rate hikes explained

    According to one analysis, two major banks will raise $941m from hikes announced yesterday

  • The latest rate hikes explained

    According to one analysis, two major banks will raise $941m from hikes announced yesterday


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    In the last 12 months, Abbey Reggardo has invested a lot of time looking for ways to improve customer experiences. As a senior mortgage consultant at My Mortgage Freedom and 2018 Young Guns honouree she has a few tricks up her sleeves, but in the end it all comes down to understanding customers on an individual basis and creating a tailored reward program.

    “We’re not going to get wine for someone who doesn’t drink. We might send movie tickets during school holidays if they are a young family,” Reggardo told MPA. Reggardo’s team also regularly keeps in touch with their clients, and does annual reviews to determine their needs and expectations.

    “I believe it’s a true testimony to how we’ve structured our business; each broker has his or her own back end support at the office to manage the applications. Our impeccable communication really wows customers,” Reggardo said.

    Often, brokers focus so much on finding new clients that they end up neglecting the ones they already have. To avoid following this path, Reggardo employs a mortgage consultant whose sole responsibility is to care for their existing clients. In addition, her team has invested heavily in hiring a diverse range of brokers so they can service various client profiles and requirements and they conduct regular surveys with existing clients. My Mortgage Freedom specialises in all areas of finance and has dedicated brokers to assist with residential, commercial, SMSF and non-resident lending.

    Every member of Reggardo’s team is required to live and breathe their values of growth and development on a daily basis. As each one has a responsibility to make sure the team grows and continues to learn new skills, ongoing education and mentorship is a collective effort within the organisation.

    “We all want each other to succeed so we all strive to impress our peers — and this, in itself, drives productivity. It’s so important that we all share good habits, and encourage each other to be better each day,” Reggardo said.c

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