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    A few years back, All R Loans director and 2017 MPA Top 100 Brokers finalist Rooma Nanda stumbled upon one of her biggest useful finds in a mall. It’s not tangible, but nonetheless a necessity — an idea for her business.

    Speaking to MPA, Nanda said while roaming in a shopping mall over seven years ago, she got the idea to set up All R Loans stalls at two shopping centres and have her two casual schoolgirl telemarketers provide support. She held the activity frequently at St Ives Shopping Village from 2011 to 2014, and then again in 2017. In 2018, Nanda was able to set up stall in Gordon Centre.

    The two young support staff, dubbed ‘kidpreneurs’ by Nanda, generated income for kids in their school by making candles and handicrafts. They earned extra by taking a phone marketing gig from Nanda.

    “They were very talented kids,” Nanda said. “They had fun and were more enthusiastic than I was for those stalls.”

    Nanda’s team would put up stalls in front of a café and attract other kids with vibrant All R Loans balloons, which, according to her, work like magnets. The kids would then pull their parents towards the stall.

    Once Nanda and her team began talking to the parents, the kidpreneurs kept the children busy with handicraft activities. Nanda would then have a discussion with the parents at the café fronting the store where they could monitor their kids while being educated on home loans.

    One year on Mother’s Day, the kidpreneurs helped the children make cards for their mums. The event, as Nanda describes it, was loved by both kids and parents. In Gordon, Nanda held a colouring competition and a cupcake making contest.

    “We generated so much business from the activity that we are still reaping the rewards. We had done it for a few years, and we are planning to do it again soon.” Nanda said.

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