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    Unlike other brokers who had to work in other industries first before they discovered their true passion, MXJ Finance director and 2019 MPA Young Guns finalist Michael Jin knew it was straight to the mortgage industry for him the moment he stepped out of university.

    Being someone who actively invests and prefers to be his own boss, Jin can quickly build rapport with investors and self-employed customers. Last year, with a barely two-year old brokerage with no support staff, he was able to write over $41m in loans despite a tough market.

    “Consistency is the key, whether it's a service, advice or daily habits,” Jin told MPA “If you can maintain a positive outlook, you will one day stand to reap the rewards.”

    Online presence grows
    For Jin, the biggest aspect of productivity is conversion. He said it all starts when he comes in contact with the lead up until the moment he completes packaging a deal for lodgement.

    “It comes down to how quickly I can build rapport with a potential client and find the right loan solution for him or her. Setting constant touch points with clients helps both parties stay on top of the to-do list,” Jin said.

    Aware that people have various communication preferences, Jin makes himself available in a range of communication platforms — phone, email, instant messaging apps and even social media; especially now that his presence in social media has grown and he has been receiving more enquiries via online channels in the last 12 months.

    “I value clients by getting back to them as soon as possible, regardless of the time of the day. If I am able to make a call or send an email to reply, I will do so,” Jin said.

    No one miracle tool
    Jin doesn’t believe that one miracle digital tool exists, because various online resources offer unique advantages. One just needs to find out what those are and maximise their purpose. For Jin, the most powerful tool is non-digital and will never go obsolete: word-of-mouth. Knowing how the enduring tool requires a significant time to build, Jin began laying its foundation from day one.

    Jin highlights keeping a healthy body and mind when it comes to enduring in the business. He prefers early morning workouts and spending time with loved ones.

    “They will always encourage you to keep a positive outlook even in difficult and stressful times,” he said.

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