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    Mentors and coaches are the usual picks for many budding brokers, but for Smartmove mortgage adviser and 2018 MPA Young Guns finalist Misa Huynh, adopting a client mindset is an effective guide that can set one’s broking career on the right track.

    “I put myself in client’s shoes to understand what the clients are expecting from their broker and what I could do beyond my job to deliver a wow service,” Huynh told MPA.

    "Most of my clients are first home buyers so they have very limited knowledge about the whole process involved in buying a property and applying for mortgage. I don’t just help them settle loans, I also educate them and share my knowledge to them."

    Give 100% focus
    Like most brokers who just entered the market, Huynh knew that finding clients and building up a portfolio would be a challenge for her. But since she understands mortgage broking is a service industry and brokers work for clients, she followed a simple yet effective strategy: “Treat every single client with 100% focus, act with the client in mind at all time and always work for the client’s benefits.” Her strategy allows her business to grow through word-of-mouth.

    Huynh continuously develops her knowledge to effectively serve people who seek her expertise, and to build a trusted relationship with clients that continues beyond loan settlement. “We believe that if we genuinely care for our clients and they benefit from our knowledge and service, we will continuously receive what we deserve,” she said.

    Time to diversify
    Although Huynh’s team have built a solid reputation in the residential lending market, they’re already on the path of diversifying their service offering. “In this ever-changing industry, I understand that we always need to diversify the business strategy in order to reach more clients. We are now moving fast on our diversification journey into commercial loans and asset finance,” Huynh said.

    With a client-focused philosophy, Huynh finds great fulfilment in achieving the goal her clients had set for her to accomplish. “It’s not about telling clients what you can do but what you have delivered,” Huynh said.

    “Under promise and over deliver has always been my business strategy.”

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