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    At age 25, Lachlan Mirams is well on track to establish himself as a winning broker. The Sandringham-based broker was recently named an MPA Young Gun for 2020.

    But it’s not just these accolades that stand out as highlights for Mirams. Even more meaningful to him, are the people he has helped along the way.

    Settled in two weeks.

    Throughout his last two years as a broker, Mirams has experienced plenty of satisfaction in helping customers achieve their financial dreams.

    “I’ve had some pretty big wins with clients in terms of being able to get good outcomes for people,” he says.

    “It makes you remember why it is such a good industry and part of the reason why I ended up wanting to work in it so badly.”

    One example is a client who came to him last year in a quandary because their loan application had been declined after they had committed to the purchase.

    “They had just been declined by a mortgage manager that they’d gone directly to.”

    “It was because of living expenses mainly,” he says, explaining the purchaser had just been on a holiday and bought furniture for their new home.

    “The mortgage manager failed to see that as discretionary spending and declined his deal.”

    Mirams was then left with quite a challenge – to arrange settlement in two weeks for the purchase.

    “From the first client conversation I had with him, I had an unconditional approval within a week, and we were actually able to get that property settled for him within two weeks.”

    “He was absolutely over the moon.”

    Working under strong guidance.

    Mirams started in the industry about seven years ago, working in administration and then client services for his father’s business Intuitive Finance.

    It was in this role that Mirams realised he wanted to become a broker. He then worked as a credit analyst for his father Andrew before becoming a fully-fledged broker.

    One of the biggest challenges Mirams has faced starting out as a broker is being able to create a profile of his own while working for his father – a successful broker who started out in the banking industry about 30 years ago.

    Despite this, Mirams says he feels extremely fortunate to have been mentored by his father for the last six or seven years that he has worked in the industry.

    “Being able to learn from him has been very beneficial to me.”

    “Having his guidance is, I think, what sets me apart from a lot of other people.”

    A sporting start.

    Ball skills are another thing that sets Mirams apart from others; the young broker playing both basketball and Aussie rules on the side.

    “I spent the last two years on North Melbourne’s VFL list, which obviously took up a lot of time.”

    “This year I’ve just gone back to a local level football, just to play with a few school mates and enjoy it as a bit of time on the side as work has gotten busier and busier.”

    Unfortunately, with Covid-19 changing the way the world interacts, Mirams has now had to put aside his sporting goals for the time being.

    But, he hopes to return to the footie oval as soon as the next season starts up.

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