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    From a part-time residential broker to one that writes multi-million-dollar commercial loans, Lisa Wang at Ausun Finance is certainly well on her way to greatness.

    MPA spoke with the Young Gun about how she got started and why she decided to diversify into commercial and asset finance.

    From graduate student to Young Gun

    Lisa Wang started out as a broker back in 2016 when she was completing a Master of Finance at the University of Melbourne. Although she was broking part-time, she found the job so rewarding she decided to immerse herself in the role following graduation.

    “I found that this job was quite interesting and challenging and it gave me a lot of fulfilment. When I graduated, mortgage broking became my full-time job,” she says.

    Early this year, Wang was named an MPA Young Gun after she achieved a 100% conversion rate in the 12 months prior.

    Staying on top of policy changes

    Loan size was a major highlight when she started, but this gradually gave way to the relationships she was building with clients as well as the ongoing learning she had access to at the firm.

    “When I started as a broker, I thought that $1m was a big loan, and then I started to settle $6m on a single transaction and gradually $10m,” she says.

    “Then I realised that loan amounts are not my goal. The real goal in my career is to always keep my customer happy and to find the right solution for them.”

    One of the biggest challenges Wang has faced as a broker is keeping up with the regular changes in lender policy.

    “There’s a lot of information and the lenders update their policies on a monthly basis,” she says.

    Each week the team at Ausun get together for a two to three hour meeting to discuss the latest policy changes. They also have regular meetings with lender BDMs in order to stay up to date.

    Why she decided to diversify

    Working under the guidance of mentor and Ausun managing director Jun Sun, Wang has diversified her offerings to clients based on existing customer demand.

    “I started as a residential broker, but I got a lot of leads that are in commercial or asset finance,” she says.

    “I found if I only do residential, the leads will not increase.”

    Expanding her skill set and knowledge to both commercial and asset finance has enabled her to take on a variety of different deals with even larger loan sizes.

    “Now I’m doing a shopping centre transaction deal and that’s $17 million,” she says.

    She says she gains a lot of knowledge from Sun, who is a Top 10 national commercial broker and former Young Gun.

    “We have a case study every week, and with each case study we learn more,” she says.

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