Editor’s Letter: Nothing more constant than change

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    The industry shows its reslience

    So marks the end of my first full month as editor of MPA, and what a month it’s been.

    This issue is packed full of content, with analysis, interviews, roundtables and survey results. Despite knowing more than we did two months ago – or even a month ago – there is still uncertainty over what will really happen in the industry’s future.

    During my interview with ING head of third party Glenn Gibson (page 12), he made the point that “nothing is more constant than change”.

    While the future is still cloudy, and we know brokers are going to face a change of some sort, it is not the first time change has happened.

    A broker who took part in MPA’s Fintech Roundtable (page 34) also said with confidence, “With adversity, there is opportunity”. And from my conversations with brokers over the past month I can see that strong broker resilience shining through.

    From my conversations with brokers over the past month I can see that strong broker resilience shining through

    Many of you are already working on how you can get your businesses prepared for when things do change. It is not the last time change will occur, but you will continue to grow and adapt to overcome the next challenge too.

    There’s a lot going on, but another big talking point for us this month is our 2019 Brokers on Banks survey.

    We asked you how you rated the different banks in areas such as product and pricing, turnaround times and interest rates.

    We have full in-depth coverage of each of these areas, looking at which banks came out on top and what you had to say about them.In some areas the results are reflective of what we have been seeing over the past year, although not in all.

    It was very exciting to see for the first time in Brokers on Banks history a non-major appearing in the top three, having leapt from sixth position last year.

    Our Fintech Roundtable in February was another great session full of lots of discussion around how brokers and fintechs are working together and what can be done to improve in the future, as well as a bit of friendly AFL chat afterwards.

    Rebecca Pike



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