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    Like many good things, Professional Lending Solutions began with an idea.

    “To become the leading broker for first home buyers and families in my area,” Professional Lending Solutions regional director and 2019 MPA Young Guns finalist Amy Small told MPA when asked about her initial business strategy. “I wanted to help anyone to be able to navigate the complex world of finance.”

    By harnessing the marketing power of social media and drawing on her experience in assisting brokerages and banks open new branches, Small has seen her business grow from its start in 2017 until it took in staff to keep up with loan demands.

    With a growing client list, she now sends out nurture campaigns and releases video series on home loans via an automated system. Her videos, which she efforts to release thrice a week on social media, provides clients an easy way to understand how home ownership financing works, whether it’s a first-time purchase or an investment. Small receives an enquiry for every short video she creates.

    Several clients who meet Small for the first time treat her like someone they’ve known for a long time, like she had been in their homes already. “I have clients who tell me they’ve watched everything I have posted and then book; they’re excited to move forward. It’s a great feeling,” Small said.

    Undoubtedly a tech savvy individual, Small still regularly sends out physical thank-you cards to her clients and partners.

    Right from the start, Small sets a goal each month, then doubles the goal as her business moves forward. She’s already working on diversifying into general insurance, commercial lending and financial planning partnerships so she can offer clients a more comprehensive service instead of referring them to other brokerages. Small is looking at undergoing training and growing her staff to cover the impending workload.

    Apart from being one of MPA’s Young Guns finalists for 2019, Small is proud about having been able to build a business without relying on a franchise brand.

    “I needed to build a name for myself from scratch. It was a sink or swim decision and I am glad I made it,” she said.

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