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    Hope Batchelor came into the world of mortgage broking after fate led her to a new country and a new career path.

    Having just been christened a Young Gun, the Canberra-based broker spoke with MPA about why she loves the profession and the importance of being adaptive.

    From law to finance

    About eight years ago, Batchelor was well on her way to becoming a solicitor; studying law at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, NZ.

    But her plans were put on standstill when the devasting earthquakes of 2011 caused the university to close for some time.

    “During that time everything shut down and I met my (now) husband,” she says.

    After all of her husband’s family moved to Canberra, the couple decided to do the same.

    “When we moved to Canberra, I was pretty fresh out of uni and I actually had every intent on becoming a lawyer.”

    “But then I fell into the finance industry by accident and quickly found that that was really my passion – in particular, mortgage broking.”

    Youth comes with its own set of challenges

    As a new to industry broker, Batchelor says one of the biggest challenges so far has been her age; the broker gaining accreditation at just 26.

    “I think some of my clients early on may have made some assumptions about that,” she says.

    “But then after meeting with me and speaking to me, I think they quickly realised that I was educated, I was switched on and I was factually correct.”

    “I knew what I was talking about because I had sat next to a senior broker for 12 months and I knew how to structure loans correctly and to give the right advice.”

    She says building the client’s trust has been a key part of her strategy as a broker.

    “I think being able to build trust really quickly is an essential skill that you need to have.”

    “That’s your foundation and then a long-standing relationship can be built with that client.”

    For the love of people

    Batchelor says she loves being a broker because it means she can help people on their life’s journey.

    “I find it extremely rewarding helping people to achieve their goals, whether it be buying their first home, or building their property portfolio or upsizing to the dream house.”

    “It feels really good to be an integral part in those huge moments in someone’s life.”

    She also enjoys the diversity of the role, in which no two days are ever the same.

    The importance of being adaptive

    Being new to the industry during the time of the Royal Commission meant she didn’t have the chance to become set in her ways ahead of the changing environment.

    She says this is something that new to industry brokers can really make the most of.

    “For brokers that are new to the industry, we can really use this to our advantage because we just have to learn as we go.”

    “We didn’t have the opportunity to establish ourselves or our systems and processes before those changes were made.”

    She also has a “just get on with it” attitude, explaining that this has helped her adapt to an industry that is often in a state of flux.

    When it comes to navigating the changing landscape, Batchelor credits much of her success to the leadership team at Trilogy.

    “The leadership team in our office really set a good example.”

    “We’ve also got amazing support staff as well.”

    “As a broker I am guided by that and follow the example that’s being set.”

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