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    After five years as NSW franchise business manager for Mortgage Choice, John Chappelow has made a career-changing decision – to leave the corporate world behind and launch his own mortgage broking business. MPA spoke with Chappelow about why he made the switch and what he hopes to achieve in the new role.

    A recipe for success

    In his former role, Chappelow assisted Mortgage Choice brokers to reach their business goals. Now, Chappelow will bring this wealth of experience to his own business strategy.

    “Throughout my five years as a franchise business manager with Mortgage Choice I have been lucky enough to observe some of the best brokers in the industry and see how they have developed and executed successful and efficient plans.”

    This has helped him create his own business plan, something he says is a necessary foundation for success.

    “To be a successful broker you must have a detailed business plan and then have the discipline, confidence and commitment to execute the steps required to reach your goals.”

    “Consistency in doing the little things required to provide the “wow factor” for your customers is also essential.”

    Why he became a broker

    The ability to help people achieve their financial dreams was what attracted Chappelow to broking. He says being self-employed will enable him to become a master of his own destiny and create the vision he has for his own business.

    “While I am under no illusion as to the work involved, the levels of satisfaction in assisting customers and realising this vision will be extremely rewarding.”

    As part of his goals for the business, Chappelow aims to provide a high level of customer service – a reflection of the way he would like to be treated as a consumer.

    “As my business grows, I plan to provide employment opportunities for others. The addition of key staff will enable me to specialise in the areas that I get the most satisfaction from which are building relationships, sourcing opportunities and providing great solutions for these customers.”

    The best choice

    After conducting thorough research into several aggregators, Chappelow maintains that Mortgage Choice is the best choice for his business.

    “The support from the network of brokers who operate under the Mortgage Choice brand is unique. They are extremely generous with their time and always willing to share their experience with other franchisees.”

    “In recent times there has been a huge investment in IT systems which provides efficiencies for brokers as well as a sound base to ensure the upcoming best interests duty obligations are met.”

    “Brokers at Mortgage Choice also have access to support and a library of information across all areas of the business, some of those being, business coaching, compliance, marketing, lending support, training and IT support and solutions.”

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