Happiest Clients: Realising an FHB dream in a week

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    With mainstream credit getting tougher every day, brokers are finding it difficult to help their "out of the box" clients

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    The industry looks at how the budget has helped – or not helped – struggling homebuyers


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    For two months, a young couple in Adelaide had been searching for a lender that could help them move into their first home but found no one. Until one day, however, while exploring a chat room, their search finally came to an end when they stumbled upon the First Home Buyers Australia website.

    “After giving the clients a call straight away and got the facts and figures, I was quickly able to determine a few lending options for them,” First Home Buyers Australia coach and 2018 MPA Young Guns finalist Taj Singh told MPA. “I provided them with two options, and they ended up going with a major bank that one of them was already banking with.”

    The couple got an unconditional approval within the week their application was submitted. Their land agent and builder even called Singh to thank him because the couple’s loan request was extended repeatedly for over two months.”

    For Singh, the couple’s experience of having been turned down by banks for that long despite being financially able is merely a case of getting financial advice from the wrong people.

    “Being proactive, responsive and having processes set up that allows you to do a quick turnaround is key for most clients, especially those that have been knocked back by other lenders,” Singh said.

    In MPA’s happiest client short story series we showcase stand out ‘client success stories’ from brokers and discover what they learnt along the way. Leaving aside the details of the deal, we explore the human side of the story and how brokers really make an impact in people’s lives. If you have a client story you would like to share, please email

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