Happiest Clients: Two for two

  • Clear mission motivates this broker to go to work everyday

    A consistent process also allows him to write large volumes and make loan processes engaging

  • Clear mission motivates this broker to go to work everyday

    A consistent process also allows him to write large volumes and make loan processes engaging


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    Two sisters with dependent children were hoping to get into the property market after their respective divorces. Both renting, they considered getting their early inheritance to set foot in the door but were told by their parents to show a plan first. Several brokers and banks turned them away, saying they were unable to borrow.

    Zippy Financial principal broker Louisa Sanghera sat down with the sisters and ran them through their financial standing. Her team then put a plan together that would allow both sisters to purchase their first investment property, with them committing to cut back on budget and save more.

    On with the second
    The sisters’ dream has always been to build a portfolio, so while they were still over the moon with their first property purchase, they were already raring for their next score. And sure enough, after spending the next 6 to 12 months saving, the sisters were back, ready to move forward.

    Sanghera once again was there to plan out their steps. Although her team had to find a new lender within seven business days because the sought property fell into a postcode restricted zone, the sisters got an unconditional approval and the purchase pushed through.

    “Despite all the no’s the sisters got, we found yeses. With client education, planning and credit knowledge, we were able to help them purchase two properties,” Sanghera told MPA.

    Waiting for their well-thought plans to take effect while hoping no major policy or debt-servicing changes would happen along the way was Sanghera’s biggest concern. She’s fully aware of how quickly things can happen in the industry, so she allowed her team “some breathing room” to keep them positive and focused.

    Adding the most value

    Tricky situations shouldn’t put brokers off, Sanghera said. “The customers that you add the most value to will prove to be your most loyal and best advertiser. They will tell everybody about their amazing experience,” she added.

    When the Royal Commission announced its recommendation to scrap trail, the sisters emailed Sanghera to offer help and say that they believe that her drive and enthusiasm will see Zippy Financial through.

    “The message we received made me fill with tears. They had taken time to contact us immediately upon hearing the report…It meant so much to us,” Sanghera said.

    In MPA’s happiest client short story series we showcase stand out ‘client success stories’ from brokers and discover what they learnt along the way. Leaving aside the details of the deal, we explore the human side of the story and how brokers really make an impact in people’s lives. If you have a client story you would like to share, please email

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