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    After her daughter turned two years old, director at Thomas Magdalene Finance Group Belinda Gibson decided she wanted to get fit, so she took up running. Joined by two girlfriends, she started by running 5km stretches and later signed up for the NIKE Fun Run in Melbourne.

    Gibson progressed to taking part in events like the 15km City to Sea. She ran a number of half marathons, including the Sandy Point Half Marathon and the Run Melbourne Half Marathon, before taking on her first full marathon in 2017.

    She acknowledges that running is not easy, but says that as she joined longer events she really enjoyed the freedom and enjoyment of running.

    “I love the discipline of the training and having a running schedule – the increase in distance, hill training and the number of runs to complete in a week,” she says.

    “Mentally, you know, if you don’t complete the training you won’t have the physical or mental stamina to complete the event.”

    While training for her most recent marathon, Gibson was injured, but she says this made her much more relaxed as she was simply grateful to be on the starting line.

    Now she runs with her husband and enjoys long Saturday runs; they have completed three Melbourne Marathons together, and a couple of half marathons. In the past, Gibson has supported charities like FightMND, and a Bankwest BDM with gifts for orphans at OzChild.

    Looking to the future, the couple want to run the Gold Coast and Melbourne Marathons this year and possibly Chicago in 2021.

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