How being on the MPA Top 100 has boosted these brokers’ businesses

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    With nominations now open for MPA’s Top 100 Brokers list, it won’t be long before a whole new raft of brokers find out just how great it feels to be recognised for their hard work.

    As Debbie Worthington of Mortgage Choice says: “Being on the Top 100 list last year was such a huge boost to not only my business but to my self-esteem and drive. It helped me recognise that I have grown a strong and viable business that truly helps clients with their ongoing lending needs.”

    Deanna Ezzy of More than Mortgages agrees. “The MPA Top 100 list is the industry's most respected ranking. To be able to say, year after year, that I have made the Top 100 list, gives my business and my brand prestige and credibility.”

    Being on the list also has business benefits. Worthington says her current clients felt proud working with her and would mention her being on the list when referring her to others.

    Ezzy adds that being on the list gives her clients confidence in her ability to meet and exceed their expectations. “From lenders, I get the respect and attention not always afforded to my peers. Personally, I get a great sense of reward and satisfaction from making the list. I work hard (and long hours) to be good at what I do and it’s great to have something tangible to link the hard work to.”

    Worthington notes that: “As a tool for marketing it worked well with social media and when networking … This recognition has been one of the highlights of my career.”

    Whether you’ve got a great colleague you want to acknowledge or you want to put your own name forward, celebrate someone’s achievements in broking over the past year by nominating here.

    Entries will close Friday 12 October.

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