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    In a company-first strategic move, Loan Market and its real estate partner Ray White have appointed Peter Camphin to the position of director, strategic partnership at Loan Market.

    With more than 25 years of experience across both brands Camphin brings significant knowledge to the newly created role, which is designed promote a “culture for the convenience of clients.” He will also be tasked with simplifying referral processes between the companies “for brokers, agents, and property managers.”

    Loan Market executive chairman Sam White said, “With such a wealth of industry talent and resources, it makes obvious sense to better integrate our services, to make the property process easier for our respective customers.

    “It’s our duty to customers – whether they’re looking for finance or looking to buy a property – to inform them of all the options available to their circumstances,” he added.

    Camphin said he felt “energised” by the role’s purpose, adding, “Across both businesses, creating the best customer offering possible is at the top of our agenda.

    “There are few industries which complement each other like property and finance, and Loan Market and Ray White are determined to take the lead on developing a richer customer experience.”

    He acknowledged that “diversifying business practices is the key to business longevity”, because it provides customers more reasons to choose one’s business over another. He also acknowledged the process will break certain industry-wide habits, but thinks that through engagement and education, the “motivation to embrace it across both businesses will be compelling.”

    The new executive finds that the industry’s appreciation of the broker-property manager relationship was greatly under-realised. “Property managers can be instrumental in maximising the returns of their clients through attracting and retaining tenants, cost-efficient maintenance schedules and market knowledge,” Camphin said.

    “Making sure their client is getting the best finance should be part of the process as well, and that’s where the broker can add genuine value to the customer offering.”

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