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    Being let go by a big bank, especially if one has spent decades building a career in it, can be devastating. Or, in the case of Aussie Liverpool franchisee and 2018 MPA Top Brokers finalist Shareek Mohammed, an opportunity to reach greater career heights.

    After serving Westpac for 25 years as a lender in a senior management rank, Mohammed accepted a retrenchment package and began his broking career by becoming an Aussie Liverpool franchisee. Speaking to MPA, Mohammed said he didn’t consider other work options because he prefers to stick to what he knows best.

    And apart from the intricacies of lending, one of the things he is exceptional at is giving top customer service. “I'm a real big advocate, me and my staff, of making sure that customers have a good experience. I would do everything possible. They ring me at 10 o'clock at night, I would take their call and look after them,” Mohammed said.

    “Consistency, you know, there's no down period. You can't afford to not give them the service they want at any time. You need to be very consistent about it. If you drop the ball a few times, they're not going to come back to you.”

    He added brokers need to enjoy their work because that’s half the battle and customers can read them like a book.

    With banks imposing tighter policies on customer living expenses and income verification, Mohammed, even with almost 40 years of lending experience, finds the current lending climate tougher than the GFC. However, he is hopeful the industry will see positives that will come out of the Coalition’s win.

    He considers the Liberal’s move to keep trail commission for another three years already a big thing. “It brings a positive mood. You know that you're working for something in the future, rather than working and then knowing that your business is worth nothing,” he said.

    According to Mohammed, awarded as one of Australia’s top brokers for five consecutive years, based on his experience, the lending climate is going to turn around and the broking industry will eventually get better.

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