Mansfield making a name for herself in mortgage broking

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    Accountants and mortgage brokers each bring their own set of skills providing effective advice and solutions which help ease financial burdens for Australians every day.

    With Rebecca Mansfield, you get both.

    After working in the head office in the accounting and management team at supermarket giant Woolworths, Mansfield was after a sea change.

    After a 12 month break from her career as a qualified accountant, Mansfield said that period of time to test the waters in mortgage broking was reassurance to her that she wanted to make the transition long-term.

    “It’s such a great profession as I still get to do numbers and spreadsheets, however, with broking I also get to client face and impact people’s lives,” she said.

    That decision has worked wonders for Mansfield, who has amassed more than $17.5 million in business since taking up her broking role roughly three years ago – earning her a spot on this year’s MPA Young Guns list.

    Other Young Guns MPA have spoken to have noted the uncertain and tough times they have experienced as a result of the Hayne royal commission; Mansfield however, believes it’s a fantastic time to join the industry.

    “I am very resilient and always hungry for change, so I can see the opportunities that certain changes to the industry present and I have to ensure I’m doing my best to stay up to date,” she said.

    “In the last 12 months, I’ve tried to focus on moving my business into the commercial sideso the things surrounding the royal commission won’t impact me too much.

    “Additionally, with my accounting background it makes sense.”

    Mansfield specified the changes she expects to see in the industry and she noted her excitement about what the future of mortgage broking holds.

    “I think the process is just going to get a lot more streamlined, and each broker is going to have their points of difference,” she said.

    “One’s success is going to be come down your customer service, ongoing support to clients and value-adding, which means you will be to do other services for them as it’s going to become so regimented that we have to follow a strict process purely for compliance reasons.”

    It’s clear to see Mansfield is optimistic about where mortgage broking is heading, and she had some advice for those who are just starting out in the profession.

    “There are two things that will ensure you have the best chance of succeeding as a broker,” she said.

    “Firstly, find a mentor – somebody you feel comfortable with so you can ask questions of as it is a pretty tough environment to learn.

    “The other thing is to get out there and network – you’ve got to build your database from the get-go as cash flow is an issue for a number of brokers when they first start out.

    “Therefore it means if you can get the leads coming in, it will take such a load off.”

    Resilience has been a theme of Mansfield’s success since joining the broking industry, and it’s a trait she doesn’t only display professionally, as she competes in triathlons at the amateur level.

    “I love fitness as it gives me the opportunity to wind down,” she said.

    “It’s my outlet away from work and something I plan on continuing to do.”

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