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    “Aging in place” – the ability for older homeowners to stay living in their family homes, is an important factor for 93% of Australians. Yet, despite this, recent research from RMIT has revealed that 29% are unable to afford the changes needed to make their home age-friendly. While many Australians believe the only way to release equity in order to fund their retirement needs is to tighten their belts or downsize, according to Aarti Mason, there is another way that retired homeowners can stay living in their existing homes and neighbourhoods while ensuring they have the funds to be comfortable in their golden years.

    “Australia’s ageing population is increasing and, for most senior Australians, their home is their biggest source of wealth,” said the senior manager, intermediaries at Heartland Reverse Mortgage. “Almost half of senior Australians rely on the pension for day to day living which can only help them afford the basics.”

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    She said that reverse mortgages provide a financing solution for seniors in their 60s and over by allowing them to unlock equity in their own homes to live a more comfortable retirement. In a free broker webinar in partnership with MPA, Mason will be joined by Heartland’s head of operations Sharon Yardley to discuss what a reverse mortgage is and why there is now a growing demand for this type of finance.

    As one of the most heavily regulated consumer finance products in the market, brokers will also find out about the safeguards in place, as well as Heartland’s lending criteria, fulfilment processes, and typical customer scenarios, said Mason.

    “Reverse mortgages are a great way to diversify a broker’s business and meet your clients’ immediate and future financial needs,” she added. As Australia’s leading reverse mortgage provider, Heartland has helped more than 21,000 Australian seniors release the equity in their homes to live a more comfortable retirement.

    Brokers can register for the free webinar by clicking here.

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