Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all at Mortgage Professional Australia

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    The countdown has begun for the start of best interests duty on January 01

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    The New Year is almost here and so is best interests duty


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    To say 2020 has been a ‘challenging year’ would not only be cliché, it would also be setting new records amid the ranks of understatement. Businesses have been hit, homeowners have been rocked and mortgage professionals have had to step up for their clients in a time of desperate need. Still, as long as we, and those around us, have remained in good health, then we’ve been the lucky ones.

    Here at Mortgage Professional Australia, we feel especially fortunate – that is, to have had your support and readership throughout the year, helping us to set new records both editorially and commercially.

    The Mortgage Professional Australia office has now closed for 2020, but our newsletter subscribers can still enjoy new stories in each edition, along with “Best of Year” content before we return to our normal schedule beginning on January 05, 2021.

    In the year to come you can look out for in-depth interviews with those at the top of the industry, as well as a host of new features, allowing you to keep on top of the latest mortgage industry news and views in new and innovative ways. Watch this space!

    Thank you for your continued to support and we look forward to meeting you all again in 2021.

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