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    Much is said about the importance of aggregator technology and online presence in the current broking environment, but for Mortgage Choice business owner Carrie Wilson, a back to basics approach is key for new brokers looking to make their mark.

    She says new to industry brokers can benefit from building a strong foundation of knowledge – something she refers to as a manual product or policy matrix.

    Wilson learned this approach back in 2008 when she started out as a broker. At the time, the GFC was escalating and the industry was in a different regulatory climate, however, it enabled her to build up her professional persona and bring plenty of expertise to the table at client meetings.

    “They’re there in front of you, wanting answers then – they don’t want you to go away and research it for a week,” she said.

    “That would be my advice to new brokers – go back and research it the old-fashioned way. Learn the policy and the difference between the banks, so that when you’re in front of a client you can recall that and answer their questions on the spot.”

    This is just as relevant in today’s environment, she says, despite it being the most challenging she has faced in her 12 years on the job.

    Operating in Ipswich, a demographic with a high cohort of first-home-buyers, Wilson says the range of grants and other stimulus on offer presents a juggling act in terms of remembering criteria and deadlines.

    When added to the regularly changing policies of lenders, it becomes quite a difficult landscape to navigate.

    But, even so, she says having that policy and product matrix in place makes it easier to mentally compute all the changes that come through; making it possible to stay relevant as the lending landscape continues to shift.

    Another thing new brokers can benefit from is having strong support at home. Whether a broker is a male or female, having a partner that will support them as they work hard to build up their career will make a big difference in the greater scheme of things, she says.

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