MPA looks to the brokers for feedback on the non-banks

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    Earlier this year, MPA asked brokers for their feedback on the banks as well as the aggregators, now it’s time to spotlight the non-banks. MPA’s 10th annual Brokers on Non-Banks survey is asking brokers to reveal their opinions on the services provided by the non-bank lenders over the past year – what’s being done right and what can be done better.

    Take the survey here.

    Non-bank lenders must be incredibly diverse, both in terms of their funding and the products they offer, to stay ahead in an incredibly competitive industry. This survey gives brokers a chance to rate the non-banks’ performance across key categories like turnaround times, commission structure, product range and more.

    The Brokers on Non-Banks 2020 report will be published in issue 20.10 of MPA magazine, out in October.

    The online survey form can be accessed here.

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