NAB reveals underpayment error impacts thousands of part-time employees

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    Thousands of current and former part-time employees of National Bank of Australia (NAB) have been underpaid due to a payroll error.

    The major bank said that it has identified 3,200 current and former part-time employees impacted by the underpayment issue after conducting a payroll review.

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    “We have paid all current colleagues and are now in the process of contacting former colleagues,” NAB said in a statement. “The issues identified in the payroll review are not acceptable and we apologise to all current and former colleagues impacted. We are moving as quickly as possible to fix these issues and we want to make sure we get this right.”

    However, trade union Financial Sector Union (FSU) alleged that the bank underpaid full-time staff as well, according to a Yahoo Finance Australia report.

    “We had a member meeting six weeks ago and a resolution was passed to brief a barrister,” Wendy Streets, state secretary for Queensland at FSU, told Yahoo. “There is case law which supports both sides, but we believe we are right.”

    In its statement, however, NAB denied that full-time employees were affected by the error.

    “Recent media reporting has mentioned the FSU instigating legal action against NAB claiming that all full-time colleagues, current and former, are eligible for a remediation payment,” said NAB. “[However], the issue raised by the FSU does not impact full-time colleagues.”

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