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    Loan Market has established itself as one of the largest and fastest growing retail mortgage brokerages in Australasia, and with that reputation comes the expectation that you have the proficient staff to match.

    Loan Market are fortunate enough to have had a stable of accomplished employees since their inception in 1995, and they have further bolstered their recruitment team with the appointment of their new national network growth manager Tim McKenzie last month.

    McKenzie boasts an extensive resume which includes five years as the business development manager (BDM) of the highly respected Australian Finance Group (AFG) in both Sydney and Melbourne.

    “Most recently, I was a BDM for AFG in Sydney with a focus on the recruitment and on-boarding of new businesses and brokers,” he said.

    “I was also responsible for the management and growth of a portfolio of 150 brokers.”

    McKenzie believes such experience will help him transition into the role, and he noted that he is looking forward to sharing his knowledge in the hope of attracting new businesses via the Loan Market Group’s traditional brand and its new Bring Your Own Brand (BYOB) model.

    “I have worked closely with a variety of different and unique businesses; including big and small operators, well-established companies and those just starting out,” he said.

    “I think having broad experience helps you thrive in this industry because no two businesses are the same – nor are their goals.”

    McKenzie said his inspiration to join Loan Market was one borne out of the strong leadership he had witnessed at the company.

    “Loan Market’s executive chairman Sam White was a great representative of the brand and the wider industry during and after the Hayne Royal Commission,” he said.

    “In my initial days with Loan Market, it has been clear to see that his advocacy and commitment to brokers extends right through the company, and I’m excited to be a part of that.”

    Effectively delivering Loan Market’s Bring Your Own Brand model will be a crucial aspect of McKenzie’s position as national network growth manager, and he spoke in-depth about how the model will benefit both the customer and broker.

    “BYOB complements the existing Loan Market model and allows established businesses with a strong profile and customer base in the market the opportunity to partner with us to build and grow their own brand,” he said.

    “Some business owners simply can’t walk away from the brand identity they’ve poured blood, sweat and tears into; whilst at the same time, it’s so hard for them to keep on top of compliance, increase their efficiencies, find and retain clients and continue to grow.

    “BYOB solves that dilemma for them.”

    The broking industry is a forever-changing one, and a failure to adjust to the times will ensure you fall behind competitors who are willing to do so.

    With that in mind, McKenzie outlined his expectations for the industry in 2020 and some of the changes brokers and customers alike may see.

    “I believe that we as an industry will continue to push on towards a 70% market share and it will be an exciting time to be a broker and small business owner,” he said.

    “Best interests duty and open banking will have a significant impact and it will be essential for a broker to ensure they have the support to be able to deal with this.

    “Technology will be pivotal in absorbing the duty and opportunities of open banking and Loan Market’s innovations in technology have positioned its brokers for these future demands.”

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