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    Pure Property Investment director Paul Glossop talks about his love of surfing and how it makes him a better person

    The addiction began when his mum drove him to the beach years ago.

    At a young age, Paul Glossop, now founder and director of Pure Property Investment, would use every spare moment to catch trains or buses, or request rides from his parents’ friends, so he could go surfing.

    “That was 25 years ago, and it’s the best addiction anyone could ask for, in my opinion,” Glossop says. “Surfing has always been a release that I can rely on.

    It’s my place to reflect, to keep fi t, to socialise and to centre myself.”

    Surfing’s ability to test Glossop – whether he’s riding two-foot waves, mellow beach breaks or double overhead, scary, shallow reef breaks – is also what keeps him enthusiastic about the sport.

    “I really do believe that surfing has allowed me to be a better person and has given me a far greater appreciation of the simplicity in my life”

    A couple of days per week, Glossop, a husband as well as a dad to a two-year old daughter and five-year old-son, will try to get up before his family does to catch some waves.

    Sometimes he also surfs on weekends with his boy “I walk to work, and most of the time I check the surf on the way. I duck out of my office during the day if the waves are on,” Glossop says.

    If anything, he adds, his life gets his clients to reflect on their own passions and find a balance between health and wealth so they can ultimately attain happiness that aligns with their goals.

    “When I reflect on the sprightly teenage version of myself, I can truly say I’m living the dream I envisioned.”

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