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    How triathlon training makes Margaret Wilcock the 'best me' for her clients

    Five years ago, MW Mortgage and Wealth director Margaret Wilcock was sidelined from long-distance running because of a hip injury, but she still envisioned completing an off-road triathlon. Little did she know it would be a long time coming because of further injuries and health troubles.

    Wilcock will make that dream come true this November in the TreX Cross Triathlon, where she will compete in the swimming, mountain biking and trail running events.

    “I love being out in the bush and nature – it’s my happy place. I love the exhilaration of mountain biking,” Wilcock says.

    Wilcock’s outdoor pursuits help her relieve stress. She runs, does Pilates or other workouts in the mornings, and rides her mountain bike after work. “It sets me up for the day. I feel awake and alert. I’m my best me for my clients.”

    Training for endurance sports requires a plan and a strategy; it’s something one needs to commit to, Wilcock says.

    “Sometimes training feels like you’re not getting anywhere, then one day it all comes together. … Running a business holds the same principle.”

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