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    The game that helped this broker clear his head and escape the grind

    WHEN OPTION FINANCE AUSTRALIA credit adviser Andy Nguyen was in high school, rugby was something he enjoyed watching and playing.

    After he entered the workforce, it became a way for him to escape the grind and clear his head. “When I’m having a bad day, rugby is something for me to look forward to playing or watching with my friends,” Nguyen tells MPA.

    “It’s the type of sport that never gets boring.

    To watch all the players make their spectacular sprints and outrun the other team is something I find magical.”

    Nguyen usually plays during winter and in the mornings when he and his friends feel more energised. After the game, they head out to grab lunch and talk about their week.

    “I have since made a commitment to making an effort to play sport and be active because I believe having a mental and physical balance in life is always much better than being work-driven”

    There was a time when work so consumed Nguyen that it was the first thing he thought about when he woke up.

    When it became too much to handle, he brought rugby back into his life. Ever since he started playing rugby again, Nguyen has noticed positive changes.

    He’s proud that the enthusiasm he brings to work matches what he demonstrates on the field when it’s about winning a game.

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