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    Smartline personal mortgage adviser Ian Simpson can spend days cutting through open terrain on his off -road bike

    Growing up on a farm in central western NSW, Smartline personal mortgage adviser and 2018 MPA Top 100 Brokers fi nalist Ian Simpson discovered at a young age that riding an off-road motorbike ignites his adrenaline like nothing else. From then on, his skill with the mean machine grew, ultimately taking him to various parts of the globe, including India, England and Thailand.

    “When I was 26, a mate and I rode two Royal Enfield motorbikes across India for three months. And a few years ago, I did a week-long trip from Cairns to Cape York with a group of friends,” he says.

    “I have a lot more of Australia that I want to explore, but at the moment, I am mainly riding off-road doing enduro and motocross in central NSW with my son and a few mates.”

    Simpson loves riding off -road motorbikes for the amount of skill and physical challenge it requires, particularly on harder rides. He has also found that it is “a great thing to do” with those closest to him.

    “I ride with a few clients and fellow mortgage brokers, but overall, it’s something I do with my kids and family,” Simpson says.

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