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  • Aggregator CEO on facing conflict

    He unpacks the leadership qualities brokers need

  • Aggregator CEO on facing conflict

    He unpacks the leadership qualities brokers need


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    It’s been the most challenging environment most of us have ever experienced, but through it all a host of mortgage brokerages in Australia have not just survived, they have positively thrived. That is why, as Mortgage Professional Australia celebrates its Top Brokerages 2021, brought to you by Commonwealth Bank, it is not just shining the spotlight on a “top 10” – but this time around has expanded the list to 25 brokerages boasting astonishing figures.

    To find the Top Brokerages of 2021, MPA invited Australian brokerages to submit their figures for the period from the start of March 2020 to the end of February, 2021. Details were requested including the number of active brokers working at the brokerage, as well as total loan book volume and conversion rate.

    In order to qualify, brokerages needed to have four or more loan writers in a single office headquartered in Australia. In addition, aggregator information was also supplied by applicants and verified by their aggregators.

    The result is a final ranking that is weighted across four areas: total loan book size, average settlements per loan writer, total settlements in the specified 12-month period, and conversion rate. Each brokerage was ranked in each of these areas and the rankings were then combined to produce a final tally.

    So now you know how it was done, who made the top 25?

    Among those listed this time around was Clarity Financial Group, which has thrived by not just putting the emphasis on volume but by firmly focusing on staff retention and creating a positive work environment. You can read all about its story here.

    As for the rest of this year’s list? Click through for the full Top Brokerages 2021 report, brought to you by Commonwealth Bank – available for free now.

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