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    With a number of providers exiting the reverse mortgage market in the past two years, and an ASIC sector review finalised, one provider says there has never been a greater opportunity for brokers to enter into this growth market.

    MPA will be speaking to Australia’s leading reverse mortgage provider, Heartland Seniors Finance, in an exclusive FREE webinar on Wednesday, 13 March, where they will explain exactly what you can do to seize these opportunities to expand, diversify and build your business with reverse mortgages, an easy to add product to a broker’s portfolio.

    We’ll be speaking to Andrew Ford, the chief executive officer of Heartland Seniors Finance, who has more than 20 years’ experience in financial services in different roles across treasury, business, retail and reverse mortgages.

    We’ll also be speaking to Jeff Murray, the lender’s new head of distribution, who has recently joined the industry from the automotive sector, where he was CEO of Holden NZ and its head of sales in Australia.

    To register for the webinar click here

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