Seeing female clients struggling with finances, this broker is taking action

  • Turnaround times, policy and support: Behind top non-bank’s success

    The lender won eight out of 10 medals in our Brokers on Non-Banks survey

  • Turnaround times, policy and support: Behind top non-bank’s success

    The lender won eight out of 10 medals in our Brokers on Non-Banks survey


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    Recognising the need to ensure everyone has the right knowledge and understanding of their finances, one brokerage has organised a female-specific finance and wealth information evening.

    The idea for Birdie Wealth’s High Heels and Dollar Bills event came during a job interview. Broker Natalie Denyer was being interviewed by the Miranda-based brokerage’s director Nathan Smith and she mentioned some of her observations of previous clients.

    “I was telling Nathan how many of my previous clients were either young single women buying their first property or women coming out of long-term relationships, not knowing what their options are as far as selling the family home and buying again on their own,” Denyer said.

    “I felt that there was a gap in knowledge that we could address, and Nathan suggested this could be the next topic for our quarterly seminar.”

    Obviously, she got the job. Now she is coordinating the event which aims to equip guests with the right tools to take control of their finances while they gain a clearer understanding of how to build wealth.

    High Heels and Dollar Bills invited a panel of experts to provide invaluable industry insights and to explain finance and legal terminology many find confusing. Some of the event’s guest speakers include solicitor and Family Law Matters owner Antonella Sanderson, counsellor and Relation As Us owner Alison Maltby, financial adviser and Amplify Wealth owner Tanya Carlson, and Denyer herself.

    Birdie Wealth holds quarterly seminars on various topics such as first home ownership, investing and property insights. Although the event for the current quarter focuses on women, men are more than welcome to come along as High Heels and Dollar Bills has prepared topics that can help anyone learn better financial management and how to get ahead, Denyer said.

    The brokerage tapped The K.I.S.S Marketing Agency for social media support and for ideas, such as the catchy event title. Denyer and her team-mates eventually ran with High Heels and Dollar Bills -despite nobody among them wearing heels at works.

    According to Denyer, given its Q&A format the event is “more of a conversation than a presentation” where people can ask questions at the venue or via email if they prefer to remain anonymous.

    Questions Birdie Wealth has already received include, ‘Who should have a financial planner?’, ‘How do you have a healthy positive conversation about money and finance with your partner without fighting?’ and ‘I’m thinking about separation, but I’m worried about how I’ll cope emotionally and financially. How am I going to do all this on my own, and where do I start?’

    The event takes place on 22 October 2019 at Birdie Wealth’s NSW headquarters. To reserve a seat at High Heels and Dollar Bills, click here.

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