Audit & Assurance

Strengthen internal controls and improve business systems

Balance Financial Services is experienced in the audit of all types of organisations and business structures, including ASX listed companies, unlisted public companies, international enterprises, subsidiaries of foreign organisations, family businesses, and partnerships. We also audit public sector and not-for-profit organisations such as local councils, hospitals, charities, foundations, professional associations, and trusts.

We undertake regular reviews of our audit processes to ensure best practice, while providing the most cost effective procedures. This includes the use of the latest audit software.

We provide you with detailed management reports to ensure that what we learn through the audit is fully disclosed and understood.

Our assurance services will help you to make more effective decisions to improve your business opportunities and outlook. We believe it’s about taking the time to understand your business, even knowing it better than you do, so that we’re able to meet your specific needs.

Preparation of:

  • External audit
  • Internal audit
  • Risk profiling and management
  • Probity audit
  • Due diligence
  • Special reviews
  • Fraud prevention
  • Internal control advice