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    To satisfy customers’ needs is the fundamental driving force of any financial services company, but NSW-based broking agency DPN takes it to another level.

    “Great customer service is part of the ethos at DPN,” DPN director Lloyd Thomas told MPA. “To formalise this, we created the Merci program, which recognises and rewards customers during their property investment and finance journey.”

    The program is a series of “surprise and delight” gifts that are designed to build strong relationships with clients, and to encourage repeat business and referrals, which makes up a large part of the DPN business.

    “We expect every one of our staff to have a sense of ownership over every customer and to treat them all as if they were family. This is special and unique to DPN,” Thomas said.

    Apart from the program, DPN comes up with a new theme every year that will serve as its guide and motivation. For 2018, the firm chose the theme “nobody loves me better”. The theme challenges DPN staff to come up with innovative ways to show love not only for customers, but also for suppliers and colleagues.

    Thomas is proud of the culture DPN has embraced. It has allowed him to build a great business with over 60 highly skilled and experienced staff who enjoy coming to work every day. His team is not even fazed by tighter lending policies. For them, the changes only mean they need to work harder to help people find the right solutions.

    “We’re not afraid to ask the hard questions. We make sure we’re giving our customers the most suitable products,” Thomas said. DPN’s team is growing with an exciting future. Just recently, its finance team has expanded to offer the agency’s very own loan products, and to access over 30 major lenders.

    DPN will also focus on diversification in the future. It has already hired additional staff for its property management office in Queensland to better serve existing customers and to grow its market footprint. Moreover, its finance team recently expanded to include an active sales team to grow the business’s lending portfolio.

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