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    With anything in life if you want to be better at something you must practice and the art of listening is no exception.

    Listening, and yes I get how simple this must sound but so many people don’t work on this skill. It requires a tonne of practice to master and as all great BDMs know it’s a skill that goes a long way in helping form long trusting relationships with our broker partners.

    A great listener is attentive. They make good eye contact; they never interrupt what the other person is saying and show a genuine interest in what is being said.

    They are fully immersed in the moment without any distractions; don’t get lost by a TV in the room or by other people’s conversation nearby.

    A great listener goes into each interaction with an open mind, without judgment or assumptions.

    Here are a few tips that will help.

    – Put your phone, tablet or laptop away and ensure they are on silent

    – Pay attention and ask follow up questions

    – Have good eye contact and positive body language

    – Never interrupt

    – Learn how to summarise key points and then offer solutions

    Bonus Tip – To help grow new relationships and to assist in deepening existing ones, endeavour to pick up one piece of non-business related information during every interaction for future touchpoint use.

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