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    The role of BDM has always appealed to La Trobe Financial senior manager client partnerships Bryce Hill. While being on the frontline and dealing directly with broker and aggregator partners is what drew him in, he knows that sometimes he has to deliver the bad news.

    But rather than beat around the bush, Hill said the best way is to be direct and find an alternative solution.

    “As a BDM, brokers need to know you’re the go-to person who will assist in getting the job done. They have to have confidence in you,” Hill said.

    With the market share of non-banks steadily increasing in the last 10 years, Hill feels that the industry’s need for non-bank lending is growing; a need La Trobe Financial has long ago identified and been adjusting to accordingly.

    Reason for existence
    To brokers submitting a loan, Hill has this advice: “Use your BDM, that’s what we are here for!”

    "Speaking on behalf of all BDMs at La Trobe Financial, I’m sure everyone would rather work through something with a broker first than getting it to credit and it becomes an issue,” he said. “That can be something as simple as checking if the application form is completed correctly.”

    For Hill, the best brokers are the ones who can identify potential issues first and then actively work on smoothing them out before they arise, which would “lead to a clear path to settlement”. However, he said, “sometimes that’s easier said than done”.

    Hill tries to be as upfront as he can be to brokers faced with a difficult scenario. If it’s something he is unable to assist with, he advises the broker at the earliest opportunity. “When talking on the phone I sometimes say, ‘I would rather give you a quick no than a long one’,” he said.

    “That gives the broker time to source alternative funding.”

    Others before self
    To become the best BDM he could be, Hill surrounds himself with likeminded people and joins his fellow BDMs at La Trobe Financial in regular discussions to determine practices and processes that works for them.

    “La Trobe Financial’s philosophy of ‘others before self’ reflects internally,” Hill said. “I have fantastic mentors in Chris Thornton and Michelle Bannister who are excellent BDMs in their own right. I try to mirror how they approach their roles and then work from there.”

    Every Saturday, Hill and his partner Courtney are usually seen with their cavoodle on Chapel Street having breakfast. Footy is also on the cards during weekends for Hill, as he is a Collingwood supporter, and the occasional round of golf.

    “I’m the walking embodiment of ‘all the gear and no idea’ when it comes to golf, but I really enjoy playing because it’s so complicated,” Hill said.

    “Nothing like taking your mind off work when you’ve just sliced your drive onto the next fairway, and you complete the walk of shame to go take your next shot.”

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