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    At 27, MPA Young Gun 2020 Chris Brayne has cemented his success in the world of mortgage broking after only a couple of years on the job. Now, as thousands lose their livelihoods due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, Brayne is as focused as ever on delivering the right strategies to his clients – no matter how much coffee it takes.

    Hard work and good product knowledge go hand in hand.

    With about 50% failing in their first 18 months, it’s no secret that new to industry brokers face an upward battle when starting out. Brayne says it’s the sort of job where you need to work both hard and smart.

    “I’m the first person in my office every day,” he says.

    “I get in at 5am, Monday through to Saturday, and don’t often get home until about 7pm.”

    “The beauty about being in a commission-based role is, if I want to make more money in my second year than the person next to me in their 10th year, I just need to work harder and smarter.”

    For many, working such long hours could be cause for burnout, but Brayne says it all depends on the way you see things.

    “I’m very motivated by the people around me,” he says.

    “I also drink a lot of coffee,” he jokes.

    Success is written in the detail.

    Currently ranked in the top 50 out of a group of more than 3,500 on Plan Australia’s Last Leader board, Brayne has taken home his fair share of accolades.

    Last year he received the Plan Australia Excellence in Finance Award while he and fellow Nu-Age brokers took home the Plan Australia Business of the Year 6-10 Brokers award.

    He has also been nominated for both the Best Newcomer and the Rising Star awards at this year’s Better Business Summit.

    He says, to be successful as a broker it is important to have thorough product knowledge.

    “Very rarely do we see straight forward deals,” he says.

    “The amount of business we have won based on clients being told that they weren’t eligible by other brokers is unfathomable.”

    “Call your BDMs, read the emails the lenders send you – learn as much as you can, because it could be what sets you apart from the broker that thinks he knows better.”

    Helping clients in an age of social distancing.

    With Nu-Age doors now closed to the public, Brayne says first appointments have taken on a different feel.

    “There is something impersonal about digital appointments in my opinion,” he says.

    “I feel like the most rapport is built with clients during that first appointment, so to now have to do that over the phone or on skype has so far been the most challenging thing for me personally.”

    As for his existing clients, Brayne says it has been sad to hear how many have suddenly been thrown into financial shock over the Coronavirus pandemic.

    “I’ve always seen my clients as more than just clients.”

    “We get to know them properly – we know their kids’ names and what football team they support and where they are going on holiday next.”

    “It goes from this great relationship to people calling you in a frantic state because they’ve just been made redundant and there is no income coming in anymore.”

    “We as a group at Nu-Age Finance have familiarised ourselves with how the banks are handling things so that we have the answers when called and can explain to people that the lenders are assisting thousands of people in the exact same situation.”

    A challenging road ahead.

    For Brayne, the road ahead holds some major challenges – but he is keeping his cool.

    “The biggest challenge is coping with the mass amounts of people who have lost their jobs or have been put onto reduced hours,” he says.

    “I lost about $3,000,000 of business last week alone because applicants can no longer service the loans they are applying for.”

    He says he is taking it as it comes and focusing on refinancing for clients who are in a stable position.

    “With interest rates slashed to sub 3% with some of the lenders, it has never been a better time to refinance if you are secure in your employment. “

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