This broker uses three barometers to gauge progress

  • Time for mortgage brokers to prepare for Single Touch Payroll

    Changes are coming into play for small business owners

  • Time for mortgage brokers to prepare for Single Touch Payroll

    Changes are coming into play for small business owners


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    Barometers can forecast the weather, as well as where one’s business is going.

    All R Loans director and 2017 MPA Top 100 Brokers finalist Rooma Nanda, and her team of home and commercial loan specialists use three barometers to check the quality of their lodgements and customer service.

    The first is a daily work in progress (WIP) spreadsheet to track work productivity. The second is a daily tracker each staff can access simultaneously, which contains the client list brokers can work on and update as work progresses. The third, a lead-to-settlement tracker sheet that lists daily leads and conversion rates.

    Nanda’s team uses various technology to track deals, such as Dropbox, their aggregator’s CRM and website.

    “Our customers are very happy with our service as per the Google testimonials we receive from them after their loan settles,” Nanda told MPA. “If something goes wrong, I make sure the team gets proper training to improve on their mistake.”

    Lately, her team is working on improving the customer experience of their website so it can generate more leads. She’s also giving their social media efforts greater attention.

    Tap dancing
    Over two years ago, Nanda decided to handover most of her client duties to her senior brokers to make more time to resolve daily issues and to grow her business.

    Nanda defines her growing team as highly dedicated and enthusiastic. A close-knit crew that often grabs breakfast and lunch together. “We tap dance to work, as they say,” she said.

    Quality cautious that often gets deals approved in one hit, Nanda’s team undergoes training on a regular basis. They reserve Monday mornings for discussions on new products, industry updates, learnings from the previous days, and for motivational YouTube videos to kick start their week on an empowering note.

    “Each year, we go to the next level. I believe in constant improvement,” Nanda said. “I have high aspirations and I am willing to go the extra mile to achieve great results. My goal is to be a well-known quality name in the industry, and we are working slowly towards that.”

    While Nanda had received several accolades when still a broker, including being the top 20 broker in NSW and top 36 nationwide, her team had been recognised as the top 20 brokerage in Australia and its individual brokers continue to produce outstanding results for customers.

    “I personally feel that a happy client gives us that feeling of great achievement,” Nanda said. “It’s priceless.”

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