Which banks made your jobs easier this year? Enter to win a great prize

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    Will the royal commission be satisfied by the CIF's commission tweaks?

  • How this broker's search for a mortgage led him to discover his calling

    His team is now considering franchising to allow others to benefit from their systems and resources


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    • Top 10 Brokerages 2018
    • 2018 Brokers on Aggregators

    Wouldn’t it be great – as a successful broker – to be part of the Australian mortgage industry’s most comprehensive report into the nation’s major lenders?

    And wouldn’t it also be great if, after you made your voice heard, you could raise a glass of whisky and toast your own influence?

    You can guarantee the first – and have a chance at the second – by taking part in the 16th annual MPA Brokers on Banks survey.

    How do you rate the banks you have dealt with in the past year? Your feedback can and does make a difference in how the banks treat and interact with the mortgage industry in the future.

    Have your say on Australia’s banks— enter the online survey and you’ll be automatically entered into a draw to win a Glenfiddich 21-Year-Old Single Malt Whisky (RRP $199).

    The survey closes on Friday, 8 February. The Brokers on Banks report will be published in issue 19.03 of MPA magazine, out in March.

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