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    For AMA winner Tom Morison, exceptional customer service is the cornerstone of success. MPA spoke with last year’s Young Gun of the Year – Independent about why he thinks managing customer expectations is crucial despite it being a challenge for new brokers in the industry.

    Thinking outside the box

    It was Morison’s ability to offer excellent customer service that saw him headhunted from the unlikeliest of places – a liquor store.

    “I was actually working in a bottle shop during university.”

    He explains that a couple of the directors from Smartmove lived locally and were impressed by his gregarious nature.

    “I gave them great customer service among many other things.”

    “One thing led to another and I was asked to an interview.”

    He came on board as a broker during the latter part of his business degree; the role appealing because it honed in on his desire to go above and beyond for the customer.

    The technical side of the job also appealed greatly to Morison as it suited his ability and desire to problem solve.

    “There’s never any one size fits all answer.”

    “What might suit one client is the opposite for another. It’s constantly challenging any broker to think outside the box.”

    Managing client expectations

    He says one of the key components of his success over the past few years has been his ability to effectively manage customer expectations.

    “Being that professional shoulder to lean on is important.”

    “If you effectively manage the client’s expectations throughout the entire process from the start, and obviously we don’t really leave the customers so it’s an ongoing basis, it will really help form the concrete basis for a really strong, trusting, professional relationship.”

    Having a network of exemplary business partners that you can refer the client to is also important, he says.

    “It forms that professional circle around the client and allows them to have a great process on all fronts.”

    How new to industry brokers can succeed

    Having learned a wealth of knowledge from founder and director of Smartmove Simon Orbell, Morison says it is important for new brokers to seek out a mentor with a strong desire to succeed.

    Aside from this, the paramount thing that brokers should focus on in the current climate is the core end-goal of helping as many customers as possible.

    “It would be an interesting time to join the industry at the moment – that’s for sure.”

    “You do need to hit the ground running if you are going to pull on the boots and become a broker now.”

    “I think the biggest challenge over the last 12 months would be the amount of change and how quickly that change has come about.”

    “It could almost be overwhelming for a new broker – and just given how many landmines there are that you do need to look out for.”

    He says taking a sustainable approach and striking a healthy work/life balance is essential, as is going above and beyond for customers while managing their expectations at every step of the way.

    This can be challenging to achieve when you have little experience in the industry, which is why Morison suggests brokers be open to as many different scenarios and case studies as possible.

    “I still do actively search for complex client situations to keep challenging myself and obviously that helps the client at the same time too.”

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