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    At a time when lending policies are tighter than ever before, many brokers have become extra picky when it comes to customers, tending to go with those who they know can easily get approved by banks and lenders. For some brokers, however, like Aussie senior broker and 2018 MPA Top 100 Brokers finalist Whitlam Malkoun, imposed criteria is not the final measurement.

    Malkoun, who’s been part of the industry for almost 15 years now, welcomes every person who comes into his door, whether he or she is ready to act now or in 12 months’ time.

    “I will work with each of them just the same, and pay them the same amount of respect,” Malkoun told MPA. “One must work with and nurture all customers.”

    Malkoun commits to provide his customers with “a service that’s second to none” by walking them through the process of finding a home loan that best suits their need. He stands by them every step of the way — from assessing how much they can borrow to lodging their application form to witnessing them purchase their dream home.

    When Malkoun encounters customers who he believes will have difficulty servicing a loan, he simply pulls out a lender calculator and shows them what they can actually afford. He does something similar for customers seeking credit assistance. According to Malkoun, “no” is not an option for struggling customers, but “not now” is.

    As a fully accredited broker, Malkoun also specialises in helping investors structure their investment property requirement, credit line and ability to maximise their investment needs with minimal expense.

    Malkoun uses the fair amount of power he possesses as a top broker to advocate and push for good customer outcomes, particularly to those he and his team seeks out to educate — local government ministers from both political sides “who do need to understand the value proposition” brokers bring.

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